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9 Deadly Outbreaks That Plagued Mankind (And One That’s Spreading Now)

Smallpox. Swine Flu. H1N1. SARS. Nothing brings on a chill or a case of the willies like an infectious disease, whether it’s in your country, on the news or in a Hollywood blockbuster (see also: Outbreak, Contagion, 12 Monkey, World War Z).




9 Ways to Stretch Your iPhone’s Life When the End Is Near

Apple typically releases its next-generation iPhone in September of each year, sparking a nationwide effort in the months ahead for users to hold on to their dying, dwindling devices for as long as possible before upgrading.



9 Habits That Will Help You Build Wealth On A Small Salary

While a six-figure inheritance or high-paying job can land you in the top 1% of earners, it’s the little things — your money habits — that often make the difference between a life of prosperity and one of constant financial stress. Read more: http://www.learnvest.com/2014/05/money-habits/#ixzz328GuFxQM 525968_3794682708716_286742360_n

+@#9bit™: 9 Prankster Parents Who Ruined Their Kids’ Day

Kids are naturally trusting, especially when it comes to their parents. Sometimes said adults just have to take advantage of that wide-eyed faith by filming their own low budget episodes of Punk’d.

Hopefully, they gave their kids a fun ice-breaker anecdote, and not life long physiological scars.


by Molly Horan


+@#9bit™: 9 Emmy Categories That Should Be Seriously Considered

The primetime Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday — and, as usual, fans believed certain shows were snubbed while others were inexplicably included. The Emmy Awards categories follow a long history of tradition, but today’s audience has changed — and some might argue we’re missing some of the more noteworthy factors of television.


by Molly Horan



+@#9bit™: 9 Real Events More Freakish Than ‘Sharknado’

Hundreds of angry — and, probably, very dizzy — sharks raining down on a city in the wake of a tornado makes for a perfectly serviceable B-movie science fiction plot. Of course, it’s no reason to rethink the security of your shelter come tornado season.

by @Discovery_News



+@#9bit™: 9 Heat Wave Hacks You’re Doing Wrong

In case you haven’t noticed or possibly live in the arctic circle, there’s a heat wave that’s making it hotter than a toaster oven outside. Many are fortunate enough to have the luxury of modern air conditioning, but some of us have to improvise.

Don’t let the cruel summer get the best of your brain. These D.I.Y. hacks might seem like a good idea, but it might be better to find a public library or pool to cool off inside.

by  Christine Erickson



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