Connecting all my streams.


Brandon Bastard1*

The wind blows and I listen to the jackals. Birds of prey on knees > circling this circus | Clown costumes and their flesh bargains | I traded my wings for a hand, while they took a closer look and gaged. I am not next in line. An exile > shoulders strapped to the gun, shootin to kill wearing the grin with the grim.  

Bing?  Well no, Jay-z ran that tree.  #Hashtagkeys?  No > Huxley – had that on patent.  It seems that all the great inventions owned a human capsule.  A vessel to feed the codes.   The grin with the grim.  Dead beat dads and poets howling at the moon.  Then it struck…Chromatic burns > chimes > an iN.  #Dajits!  That faithful day in my 1st grade class  listening, as I watched these pods brand my stakes.

Man, you gotta understand the hood.  It’s the mother of all creations.  Needs and wants are not survival tactics.  They are kinsmen of death forging paths with pimps and hoes so these feeds can rain. 


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