Connecting all my streams.


A few days ago twitter announced it would include the cashtag >$< as part of its semantic. Assigning this operator to further enhance stock tickers in the twitter verse =  i.e $WAG!  The $ symbol will prepend the ticker of any company with public offerings.  A direct result of this move, will be greater machine learning.  I also suspect precedent for integrating other operators.

As more and more data gets pushed into the semantic Webb, it has become extremely difficult to organize the information with basic ontology. Incorporating new operators gives flexibility for a new language within the semantic. A language based on combining operators. The new sets of operators will eliminate long lines of codes and make machine learning a lot simpler. In theory, these operators will represent logos – spirit agents within the machine. These spirit agents initially will represent the electronic DNA businesses will use to share, mark and brand their products (people sentiments).

In a space where the product is no longer a quantifiable unit, but rather brandible sentiments – operators will serve as watermarks that can be attached to KPI behavior around physical items (http://mashable.com/2012/08/02/fda-digestible-device/).
“We ain’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy!”



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