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+@#9bit™: Twitter Fans Marvel at Stan Lee’s 90th Birthday

@Bob Al-Greene
Comics icon Stan Lee celebrated his 90th birthday Friday, inspiring a flood of congratulations onTwitter, where he posts as @TheRealStanLee. Fans, celebrities, colleagues and even a few superheroes sent their love to Marvel Comics‘ “Generalissimo,” and Lee’s trademark catchphrase, “Excelsior,” got the hashtag treatment.





9 Animal Power-Ups Super Mario Desperately Needs – Topless Robot http://ow.ly/bWdNR

+@#9bit™: 9 Outrageous Hollywood Publicity Stunts

The movie industry isn’t exactly shy about self-promotion. After all, the Academy Awards began in 1928 simply to generate press coverage for the movies and stars of the day. Well-orchestrated PR campaigns designed to get people into theaters have helped many films’ box office success. Here are some of the wildest feats in the long history of movie publicity.



(+@#9bit™) 9 Reasons Why #Paperli is the Sh*t!

1. A paperli acc gives you the ability to author and curate 10 virtual newspapers. An account can be created using your facebook, twitter ID or both.

2. Paper.li newspapers can significantly increase you impressions on search engines, your SEO and brand visibility.

3. You can create newspapers from a variety of sources (twitter profiles, twitter lists, RSS feeds, Hashtags, Keywords on Facebook &Twitter-etc) regardless of who owns those feeds/sources. Those feeds can be filtered even further for greater control of the information and content that shows up on your paper.

4. You have control of over twenty categories in news type headings for your paper ie > world, crime, technology, art, science, environment and the likes.

5. It automatically RTs featured stories by your folksonomy daily. This can be used to increase engagement and give you #klout as a thought leader amongst your tribe.

6. It is one of the first of its kind in the world of virtual newspapers
, digital publishing and the meta content curation process. This means that they are ahead of the game, backed by some very sound venture capitalist and have great potential for growth while shifting the world of publishing.

7. It is embedable on ur #blogsite.

8. A button on your browser so you can add your favorite content from any source on the web to your paper!

9. It is a disruptive technology that is already changing the semantic web and journalism.

Check them out @ http://paper.li/introduction.html


+#FaithandScienceMicraForms™ by ikronos
+#FaithandScienceMicraForms™, a photo by ikronos on Flickr.


+#hayesCloudlogoCloudCultureIcons™ by ikronos
+#hayesCloudlogoCloudCultureIcons™, a photo by ikronos on Flickr.
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