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9 Ways to Stretch Your iPhone’s Life When the End Is Near

Apple typically releases its next-generation iPhone in September of each year, sparking a nationwide effort in the months ahead for users to hold on to their dying, dwindling devices for as long as possible before upgrading.




+@#9bit™: 9 High-Tech Hotels for the Connected Traveler

For some people, the ideal getaway is rid of technology, like a digital detox summer camp. For others, the mere thought of parting from a smartphone is utter madness.

If you happen to fall in the later category, you prioritize tech amenities when booking your time away from home — a hotel that understands tech is a definite perk.


By Zoe Fox


+@#9bit™: Monstrous Mechanical Marvels: 9 Enormous

Monstrous Mechanical Marvels: 9 Enormous Gadgets | Gadget Lab |… – http://ow.ly/gr5GU via @trendspottr


@#9bit™: 9 Ways to Recycle Your iPad

9 Ways to Recycle Your iPad
October 24, 2012 by Jennifer Shore


+@#9bit™: 9 Cooking Gadgets for Your Geeky Kitchen

Geeks love gadgets. If there’s a gizmo available to make life easier or more interesting, chances are we want it. Nowhere is this more true than the kitchen.
From pizza to popcorn, we have found nine nerdy food gadgets that will geek up your kitchen countertops.

October 16, 2012 by Amy-Mae Elliott


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