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+@#9bitMethod™: 9 Ways Your Startup Can Use Social Media Lists

From Foursquare to Facebook, using social media lists as a personal curation tool is an increasingly easy and fun way to sort through the noise on your favorite network.

Business owners can also use social media lists to curate content on behalf of their customers, whether it’s to emphasize nearby neighborhood hotspots for brick and mortar businesses or to maintain high-touch relationships with super fans.

To find out more, I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs to share their smartest social media list-making strategies. Here’s what they had to say.


Scott Gerber is the founder of Young Entrepreneur Council, a nonprofit organization that provides young entrepreneurs with access to tools, mentorship and resources. The YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs grow businesses.




These are my Social Objects, CloudCultureIcons Dajits.





+#@9bit™: 90 Things I learned From Founding 4 Tech Companies

90 Things I Learned From Founding 4 Tech Companies

Jason Goldberg
October 5, 2012 by 3

Jason Goldberg is an accomplished entrepreneur, executive, and investor with a passion for designing digital product experiences, including Fab. Jason is a product guy. He loves to blog, loves transparency, and loves trying to make people smile. A version of this post originally appeared on his blog,www.betashop.com.


+@#9bit™: The 9 Best Stocks to Own Right Now

Daily Trade Alert
Top Stock Picks from Today’s Leading Analysts

After sifting through the recommendations of dozens of the nation’s leading investment advisors, we’ve hand-selected the stocks that appear best-positioned to beat the market in the months ahead…

The 9 Best Stocks
to Own Right Now



+@#9bit™: 9 Small Companies Making Waves at the 2012 Olympics

Go for the Gold.
From accessory designers to equipment manufacturers, check out #nine companies that help the world’s best athletes.




“How hard is it to tweet and posts on Facebook for a living. It’s easy.  Well, newsflash…it’s not! When you post on your personal accounts, you’re responsible only to yourself. But posting for an organization is a real process. You take into account the donors, customers, investors, other employees, etc. Lots of thought and calculation has to go into what you do. It’s an exciting, dream job experience, but it also requires long hours that often go well beyond the usual 9am to 5pm workday.” @2morrowknight 


The primary focus of oldjitmusic™ corp is to provide our clients with a branded sound that enhances the quality and
appeal of their products. We specialize in music and sound-design built around a of intellectual property and hash tags (#jitpop™, #jitcast™, #jitcloud™, #dajits™,#rahdiottuktuk™, #jitbitsyndicate™, #jitmobi™, #jitkoulture™, #leghand™, #Jitsause™, #leghandbrand™ etc…) that incorporates the best of youth culture (#dajits™ ), design & fashion, with an emphasis on music.

We use the social cloud to influence, taste make and pioneer: benchmarking the way products are branded, associated and digested,
by those that matters most in the market place.  Your audience.  The cloud is the new webb.  #Oldjitmusic is the new music distribution platform.  We can help your projects establish and maintain a leading edge in a dynamic and unpredictable environment through “sound” decisions and “sound” design.

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