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9 Deadly Outbreaks That Plagued Mankind (And One That’s Spreading Now)

Smallpox. Swine Flu. H1N1. SARS. Nothing brings on a chill or a case of the willies like an infectious disease, whether it’s in your country, on the news or in a Hollywood blockbuster (see also: Outbreak, Contagion, 12 Monkey, World War Z).




+@#9bit™: 9 Apps to Fast-Track Your New Year’s Resolutions

Whether your goal in 2013 is to lose five pounds, manage your finances, or spend more time with friends and family, there are a growing number of apps that fall into the self-help category and can assist you in accomplishing these resolutions.



@#9bit™ : 9 Lessons The Tech World Learned In 2012

9 Lessons The Tech World Learned In 2012 – http://ow.ly/gqY3Z via @trendspottr

LESSON 1: Tweet in haste, repent at leisure

Who would have thought that an elderly Tory peer would become a leading innovator in internet law? Yet that is what Lord McAlpine has become. It’s not clear whether it was him or his lawyers who came up with the idea of going after the UK Twitter users who tweeted – or retweeted – false allegations that he had been involved in child abuse, but, whoever was responsible, the fact is that it has changed the legal landscape in the UK.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/9-lessons-the-tech-world-learned-in-2012-2012-12#ixzz2GY9vHUjU


+@#9bit™: This Year in Twitter 9 Important Milestones

With tweets flying through cyberspace every second of the day, we’re writing history with the touch of our fingertips. In 2012, Users documented events, political battles and heart-wrenching moments throughout the past year, and Twitter itself made history on a few occasions.

Here’s a look back at the nine biggest Twitter milestones of 2012.

By Jennifer Shore


These are my Social Objects, CloudCultureIcons Dajits.





+@#9bit™: 007 on the 9th



+@#9bit™: Gamers Raise $9,000 for Friend’s Brain Surgery

September 17, 2012 by Mike Fenn for 1
The Daily Dot

A group of Dungeons & Dragons players are rolling a save in real life.

When Daniel Somerville underwent surgery for a brain tumor, he did not have medical insurance. Once his friends and fellow gamers learned that the bill for the surgery totaled $450,000, they knew that it would take more than a wizard’s spell to remedy the situation.



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