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+@#9bit™: The 9 Most Expensive R&B Music Videos Ever Made!

1 Million, 2 Million, 3 Million, 4: The 9 Most Expensive R&B Music Videos Ever Made!




+@#9bit™: 9 New Cases For the 7th-Gen iPod Nano

Apple’s 7th-generation iPod nano is the thinnest incarnation yet, but boasts the largest ever screen. It’s also a completely fresh form factor, meaning new cases are incoming. If you’re looking for a protective case for your new touchscreen nano, we can help.

October 15, 2012 by Amy-Mae Elliott



9 Animal Power-Ups Super Mario Desperately Needs – Topless Robot http://ow.ly/bWdNR

+@#9bit™: The 9th Annual Berkeley World Music Festival, June 2nd at the Amoeblog

Amoeba Music is proud to once again be part of the Berkeley World Music Festival, which offers a FREE full day of live concerts in Berkeley, starting from 12pm at People’s Park and ending at 9pm at the Village. Performances are featured in Telegraph Avenue cafes and shops, near UC campus, and at People’s Park. This year, the Festival celebrates nine years of showcasing the Bay Area’s rich world music scene with an amazing line-up!

The 9th Annual Berkeley World Music Festival, June 2nd at the Amoeblog.



The primary focus of oldjitmusic™ corp is to provide our clients with a branded sound that enhances the quality and
appeal of their products. We specialize in music and sound-design built around a of intellectual property and hash tags (#jitpop™, #jitcast™, #jitcloud™, #dajits™,#rahdiottuktuk™, #jitbitsyndicate™, #jitmobi™, #jitkoulture™, #leghand™, #Jitsause™, #leghandbrand™ etc…) that incorporates the best of youth culture (#dajits™ ), design & fashion, with an emphasis on music.

We use the social cloud to influence, taste make and pioneer: benchmarking the way products are branded, associated and digested,
by those that matters most in the market place.  Your audience.  The cloud is the new webb.  #Oldjitmusic is the new music distribution platform.  We can help your projects establish and maintain a leading edge in a dynamic and unpredictable environment through “sound” decisions and “sound” design.

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