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+#@9bit™: M-Files 9.0 leverages metadata to deliver new ECM capabilities impossible with … – ITWeb

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M-Files 9.0 leverages metadata to deliver new ECM capabilities impossible with …ITWebDeltalink Consulting, the local distributor of M-Files, today announced the immediate availability of the latter’s M-Files 9.0, the flexible cloud, on-premise…

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Ontology of Nodes

“Your #hashtagInfrastructure will be the basic ontology for your cloud- secured by traded, marked and branded operator algorithms that represents personal brand/businesses across the semantic webb!”


(+@#9bit™) 9 Reasons Why #Paperli is the Sh*t!

1. A paperli acc gives you the ability to author and curate 10 virtual newspapers. An account can be created using your facebook, twitter ID or both.

2. Paper.li newspapers can significantly increase you impressions on search engines, your SEO and brand visibility.

3. You can create newspapers from a variety of sources (twitter profiles, twitter lists, RSS feeds, Hashtags, Keywords on Facebook &Twitter-etc) regardless of who owns those feeds/sources. Those feeds can be filtered even further for greater control of the information and content that shows up on your paper.

4. You have control of over twenty categories in news type headings for your paper ie > world, crime, technology, art, science, environment and the likes.

5. It automatically RTs featured stories by your folksonomy daily. This can be used to increase engagement and give you #klout as a thought leader amongst your tribe.

6. It is one of the first of its kind in the world of virtual newspapers
, digital publishing and the meta content curation process. This means that they are ahead of the game, backed by some very sound venture capitalist and have great potential for growth while shifting the world of publishing.

7. It is embedable on ur #blogsite.

8. A button on your browser so you can add your favorite content from any source on the web to your paper!

9. It is a disruptive technology that is already changing the semantic web and journalism.

Check them out @ http://paper.li/introduction.html

techcrunch.com: Dorsey Pitching Square A

techcrunch.com: Dorsey Pitching Square At $4B Valuation To Legg Mason, Fidelity And Other Institutional Investors: Payments comp… http://wp.me/p1FaB8-2fSu ^K9


The keys to your #dataLocker.

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TEDxNewSt – Gerd Leonhard – The Future Of Intel…, posted with vodpod

#9bit 4 yo Semantic

These are a few (9) platforms that will help manage your #semanticweb and #datalocker.

1. Sitebeam: Get smart about website intelligence.  #Sitebeam gives you a full insight into any website. It is a product of silktide.

2. Leanpub: Allows you to turn your blog into an instant e-book.

3. Wibiya: Provides a free, powerful solution that allows publishers to integrate popular web applications directly into their websites.

4. Familyleaf: Lets you collect all your family’s contact information in one central location (family data locker).

5. Greplin: Is a personal search engine that allows you to search all your online data in one easy place.

6. Streak: CRM in your inbox.

7. Conduit: Mobile apps and then some.

8. PopToo: Sends updates to Twitter, Foursquare, and Timeline, sharing song titles and artist names of what you are listening with locations you labeled.

9. The Noun Project: The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world’s visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way.

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