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This dude is literally giving away two a

This dude is literally giving away two awesome executive desks. Check out his profile for the specs if you live in the West Palm Beach area. http://ow.ly/gKkO4

+@#9bit™: This Dev Bootcamp Will Make You More Hireable in 9 Weeks

It’s not easy to find a high-paying job. Hoping to kickstart that dream career, many people spend tens of thousands of dollars and anywhere from four to 10 years of their lives enrolled in colleges and universities. But perhaps there’s a better way.







Editor’s note: Contributor Ashkan Karbasfrooshan is the founder and CEO of WatchMojo, he hosts a show on business and has published books on success.  Follow him @ashkan.

“I thought the analysis of content vs other video companies very convincing. But I’m curious: the content game hasn’t worked out so well for AOL and Yahoo. Audiences are fickle. Are you predicting a rosier future?” – reader comment in Is Tech a Zero-Sum Game?.

Infrastructure, Platforms & Content

Today, the Web’s infrastructure is built, and we’re filling the pipes with content — mainly free, ad-supported content.

It might seem like the real opportunities are in user-generated content and aggregation, but anyone who’s worked in those fields recognize their limitations: Simply put, marketers want to advertise alongside professional content. Tim Armstrong left Google (the mother of all aggregators) and joined AOL to remake it into the Time of the 21

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