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After observing the #moeness of MCD’s hashtag fiasco a few months ago (Bashtag) – I thought long and hard about the transparency of hashtag infrastructure for the lil man and the vulnerability of implementation for a lot of businesses (small and big).  It occurred to me long before this incident that most businesses were not only unaware of hashtag registries such as #twubs, but were also very irresponsible in protecting their brands by trademarking their names as hashtags with a few other symbols incorporated to boot (+@#yomama™).  I know > I know!  The leveraging chip of SM is commonality.  You can’t own a hashtag!  But what happens when a few bad apples decides to spoil the bunch?

It is arguable to some that McDonald’s Twitter campaign got what it deserved.  The general public is well aware of what McDonalds is as far as a “Fast Food Chain”.  But McDonalds seems to have had an identity crisis prior to launching this campaign.  “Walk up to any random person in the U.S. (or world for that matter) and say, ‘Did you know that McDonald’s uses farm-fresh meats (this was their introductory hashtag for the campaign)?’ and they would probably laugh at you and call you nuts,” says Jason Falls, one of the people behind SocialMediaExplorer.com. “Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. McDonald’s in this case had no idea what their true perception in the marketplace was. They didn’t see their brand the way consumers did. So when they tried to portray their brand as something it wasn’t, at least from a perception standpoint, they got dinged.”  So how do you prevent your brand from getting dinged?

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